Custom Printing

A simple means to get your brand into your customers' hands.
Let us know your needs and we'll get the projected rolling.

Why would I use custom printing?

Our in-house custom printing services enable use to embellish your brand/artwork onto a variety of items without the need for expensive setup. 

Posters and Photos


Many products need a label, so why not use a custom label to promote your brand at the same time?  Stickers are an excellent way to get your brand out and about, such as your Band's name onto your fans cases or your company contact details onto the product you supplied.

Mugs and Coasters

Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate are among the most popular drinks in the world, ensure your clients/fans are drinking from a branded mug and have your logo coaster on their table to match. 
Mugs are also a fun gift to remind a friend or family member of a special moment or just to show how they take their tea.

Canvasses and Flags

Printing onto a fabric is just an extension of paper or vinyl, we use this technique to create custom fabric flags and pennants and to create digitally printed canvass. Our flags and pennants are an easy way to show and share your brand.  Our high-definition art canvas is printed in our studio and hand stretched onto gallery quality deep frames.